Sunday is Friday in the theatre world. I try and catch up on links I’ve saved throughout the week and treat this reading time as my version of the paper and coffee on a Sunday morning.

Here are some of my favorite things from the week:

I am so fucking excited about the Gilmore Girls mini-season coming out November 25th on Netflix. The show’s last 2 seasons were shit, so maybe with Amy Sherman-Palladino in the writer’s room again, we’ll get some the sparkle the show started with. I’d like one of these to show my fangirl status. 

I like reading my horoscope every week and think I embody a lot what is typical of being a Virgo. So I’m a sucker for anything divided by astrological sign and now want to check out Pilates as a result of this.

As an activist of body positivity and health at every size, I loved the description of true body love Isabel Foxen Duke describes here.

Sara Barielles + Leslie Odom Jr. + This American Life + President Obama = Huge tears and a song that hasn’t left my head since I first heard it.

Bahahaha. Hocus Pocus 4Eva. I tried to recreate Alison’s slouchy sweater look for YEARS. No success.

I will be doing this. Seems like the most flexible task management/calendar system I’ve seen in a while.


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