Sunday Fun 2.12.17

Things that I was into this week!

Fun gifts for your feminist friend/girlfriend/wife.

This article has all sorts of resources about the general approach I am taking to food now.

“…it is very convenient for us.” I am dying.

How I respond to people who talk to me in a crowded party when I can’t hear them.

Great. Because regular alligators weren’t creepy enough.

Literally Just 100 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Parenting

This Baby Will Win Your Heart With Her Cute Transformations


Sunday Fun 12.4.16


A light smattering of delicious morsels this week.

I made a stovetop simmer of orange, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise. The house smelled delicious and it’s all thanks to this recipe.


A video about actors’ dialects in movies. Some are super obvious that they’re terrible, but it was fun to learn what about them didn’t hit the ear in the right way.

My mom hates eggnog, so I assumed I hate eggnog. Truth is that I like it in small quantities and would love to see what this cake tastes like.

Love this Trump survival guide based on astrological signs. As a Virgo I felt mine was pretty accurate.

Hufflepuff PSA.

More HP: An essay about toxic masculinity and how Fantastic Beasts… showed us a new kind of male hero.

My husband and I constantly remind ourselves that everything is temporary with our nugget, both the good and the bad.

Sunday Fun 11.6.16



Sunday is Friday in the theatre world. I use Sunday to read through all the articles I saved during the week. It’s my version of the Sunday Times. Here are some things I liked.

I grew up in a meticulously clean house. My dad had OCD and we would have epic battles over chores and sometimes would skip family outings because the house wasn’t clean by his standards. This drove home that a clean house can sometimes have unseen consequences.

I didn’t have pain medicine during my labor. I wonder how much the pain contributed to my own PPD?

For my fellow non-profit unicorns. Quotes by famous people if they had worked in nonprofit.



I love these granola bars! I’ve made them 3 times now and love that they’re a sweet treat but doesn’t actually have any sugar in them.

I’ve been using this tip for falling back asleep after middle of the night feedings with Ro.

How well do you do in this Informed Voter Quiz?

A great summary on the parts of our culture that teach men to be unable to recognize sexual assault. Everyone should read this.

Want some help remembering that your life could be so much worse over nothing? Read this about the battles of vegan YouTubers. Whoa.



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Sunday Fun- 10.30.16


Sunday is Friday in the theatre world. I try and catch up on links I’ve saved throughout the week and treat this reading time as my version of the paper and coffee on a Sunday morning.

Here are some of my favorite things from the week:

I am so fucking excited about the Gilmore Girls mini-season coming out November 25th on Netflix. The show’s last 2 seasons were shit, so maybe with Amy Sherman-Palladino in the writer’s room again, we’ll get some the sparkle the show started with. I’d like one of these to show my fangirl status. 

I like reading my horoscope every week and think I embody a lot what is typical of being a Virgo. So I’m a sucker for anything divided by astrological sign and now want to check out Pilates as a result of this.

As an activist of body positivity and health at every size, I loved the description of true body love Isabel Foxen Duke describes here.

Sara Barielles + Leslie Odom Jr. + This American Life + President Obama = Huge tears and a song that hasn’t left my head since I first heard it.

Bahahaha. Hocus Pocus 4Eva. I tried to recreate Alison’s slouchy sweater look for YEARS. No success.

I will be doing this. Seems like the most flexible task management/calendar system I’ve seen in a while.


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