If you have to be here–and you do because there is no taking this back–may you live and love as if this hadn’t happened to you.

May your heart be full of care for others and for yourself.

May your heart be filled with the care from others and from yourself.

May you live a life that your loved one would be proud of–but also, that they would miss. Live a life so full and glorious that your loved one makes every effort from the Other World to come join you. They will be Eurydice and you will be Orpheus. Your music will be your beautiful life and they will try and trick the Gods to come home to you. They will fail, because this is not a state that can be reversed. And you will continue with your tempting music.

You will live, laugh, love. You will do things they will be embarrassed about and things they will roll their eyes over. You will make terrible choices and good choices and you will miss them the whole time. And they will continue to pound at the underside of the Earth in an attempt to get back to you.

They will not. They are spectral, you are corporeal.

Live a life that will prompt them to remember that because they are spectral, they can be with you always. That though they cannot hold you, and kiss you, and drive a car with you, they can be next to you, over you, under you, maybe even through you if they can figure that one out.

Live a life that will make them want to explore their Old Magic and create New Magic so they may continue to be close to you.

So on a spring day, as the sun is bright and blinding overhead, you feel a gentle breeze, smell the green of the new blossoms, and hear the wind in the wind chimes and know they are with you.

May you live a life worthy of your loved one. So their death may not be in vain. Live a life as if death has touched you, so you know the true meaning of life.


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