This weekend my best friend, Mike, came to visit Seattle. Mike has been my super bestie in the whole wide world since college and, naturally, is Ronan’s godfather.

He and our good friend, Adam, came over on Sunday to hang out, eat pizza, and meet the nugget.


Ronan was actually fussy on an off all day (like a baby), so he was actually happy to meet Mike, even though this picture might suggest otherwise.

Monday we met up to go to the aquarium. Mike got me a membership for my birthday and babies get in for free. We went with Andy and Adam. Ronan started out asleep, but woke up and Andy did a great job showing him all the cool sea life.


Ro is really into light and movement right now as his eyes start to focus more, so the backlit tanks of water with all the moving fish were right up his alley.

How flipping cute is this?


That night he was beat from his adventure, so he fell asleep on Mommy. I’m fighting a sore throat so I was all the happy for the reason to stay tethered to the couch.




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