Not for our sons, either

This ad is perfection. I think it perfectly sums up why I’m voting the way I’m voting this election.

The ad ends by asking “Is this the president we want for our daughters?”

I would argue this is also not the president I want for our sons. As a feminist mother raising a son, I don’t want role models like this for him. I don’t want leader and behavioral norms for our country to be set by someone who speaks this way about women. Our president, being the leader of our country, sets the norms for the highest aspirations our country can achieve. I don’t want Ronan to be capped at someone who is so blatantly misogynistic. Even my best efforts couldn’t overcome the culture this would set up for him since culture overshadows any other personal growth efforts one tries to take on.

So, to answer your question, Hillary campaign: No. And also not for our sons, either.